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The Hana Map lists the Hana Road Highlights, Popular HIking Trails and Popular Swimming Spots

The Hana CD Guide is better than a Hana GPS app for the Hana drive because:

1. A GPS Hana app can have its needed satellite signals blocked by the unique topography of the Hana Coast, like the heavy jungle overhead and all the volcanic cliffs your car is driving by. This can happen during the best, dense rainforest parts of the drive.

2. The Hana CD Guide comes with both a full-size, highly-detailed Hana Map and Haleakala Map that can be viewed and shared by all in the car.

3. The Hana Map lists Hana Road Highlights, Popular Hiking Trails, Popular Swimming Spots and Driving Tips so you'll know what you can see and do along the drive ahead of time so you can plan your day.

4. You can show everyone what you bought and what you saw styling in your rental car.

5. You can pass the Hana CD Guide along to a friend (as a souvenir).

6. You can give the hi-definition Hawai'i DVD of Hawaii's five major islands as a gift.

7. You can get all your questions about the drive answered before you begin your Hana tour.

8. The Hana CD Guide includes a colorful Tropical Flower Guide so you can discover and learn about our exotic Hawaii flowers, plants and fruits.

9. It includes a Photo Beach Guide of Maui's 41 most popular beaches, including those along your Hana drive. It has information about each beach and available facilities.

10. With the Hana CD Guide you get 32 years of experience of the Hana Road from Maui people showing visitors all there is to see and do along "The World's Most Beautiful Drive."

Where to buy the Hana CD Guide

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Hana Map & Haleakala Map and Hana CD

Hawaii Flower Guide, Photo Beach Guide

and hi-deinition Hawai'i DVD

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From pools and waterfalls to rain and bamboo forests; from hiking trails and black sand beach to legendary caves and every restroom along the drive. You can plan your day when you can see where you are going. You won't miss a thing! All for $20. Where to buy it

Not the Best for the Hana Road Drive

Top 10 reasons why the Hana CD Guide is better than a Hana GPS App


The Hana CD Guide audio tour plays in your car with the audio narration coordinated to the Hana Maps.